The Lucy School in Middletown, MD, is an arts integrated school for Preschool through 8th Grade with a dynamic curriculum full of fresh ideas and an evolving need for custom furniture.  

The architecture and design of the school reflect the beauty of the natural surroundings, preservation of historic craftsmanship, and innovative green practices.  The Lucy School is located on a 17-acre farm with a pond, woods, meadows and wetlands, where students attend classes in a platinum LEED certified green building, a state-of-the-art renovated 19th-century barn, and a historic farmhouse.

Mark Palmquist Design has collaborated with the Lucy School to design and build numerous projects including an outdoor play space, an indoor treehouse, student lockers, a computer charging cart, cabinets for rest mats, a faculty mail hutch, rolling art room cabinets, and the conversion of a loft space into a kindergarten.  

The designs and materials Mark uses for the Lucy School reflect the school's celebration of imagination and curiosity as well as the school's commitment to the environment and sustainable practices.